How accurate is a polygraph test?

Most of our polygraph science comes from the US Federal Government's polygraph school studying various lie-detection for many past decades. Studies show polygraph results to be more than 90% accurate. Polygraph is so accurate that in California, a person can not become a police officer or deputy sheriff there without passing a lie-detector test.

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Can a polygraph test be 'tricked'?

No. A trained and experienced examiner, using modern equipment and following guidelines, can obtain the truth. No drugs or other device can help a person to pass.

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Any details I should know?

The most common type of Los Angeles polygraph test is for relationship or cheating. If you have 10 minutes, read the important details shared at Prepare up to four important questions that you would like the answer to. Make sure they are Yes or No answerable, 3 to 19 words long each, with no 'ands', no 'ors' and no 'commas'. Don't use vague words such as 'sleep with' or 'affair'. Ask if you can quietly watch the test.